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 2019 youth entrepreneurial program


  Our Victorious City is having our 2019 Summer Youth Entrepreneurial Program for youth twelve (12) to sixteen (16) years of age. This program will include:


* Steps of starting a business

* Steps to Business Planning and development

* Steps to Marketing - Branding

* Steps to Product development

* Steps from Product conception to manufacturing

* Back Office ( Bookkeeping, inventory, administration, sales, taxes, etc.)

* Daily workbook projects, site pictures, & weekly evaluations

* Bi-weekly business related field trips

* Bi-weekly fun elated field trips

A great deal has been spent in the name of fighting crime without understanding the impact of how crime affects the youth on many intrinsic levels. It is easy for a young impressionable mind to get caught up and get entrapped in anti-social activities because he/ she was not empowered morally, academically as well as financially. There are serious social and economic consequences associated with not addressing the youth who is at risk of negative circumstances – not only for the youth themselves and their families, but also for society at large. Empowerment enables a young mind to differentiate the wrong from the right, denouncing the path of injustice for a respectable  and empowered life style. Today's young minds should have access to resources to transform their consciousness through their beliefs, values, and attitudes.We rob ourselves in so many ways when we as a whole do not ensure that all of our youth nationwide are afforded the best opportunities humanly possible. Only then can we believe in making our nation “Victorious”, even in times of adversity. Our Victorious City believes that one of the ways to empower our youth is by helping them think for themselves. In other words, teaching them how to think and not what to think. Watching their minds explode in wonder and excitement from their own creations and ideas is in and of itself empowering. By helping them gain confidence through business ownership, they begin to truly see their own self-worth and their value to others as responsible & humane social providers of products that others can enjoy and appreciate. They also see an endless array of possibilities for their own lives. The feeling of being trapped slowly dissipates and they become more open and creative in various other aspects of their lives.


 Ade' Oba Tokunbo teaching  left to right: Asian Robinson, Courtney Robinson, Kenneth Armstrong, & Wisdom Brown chess as a business & life strategy.


Our bi-weekly business field trip to Conscious Heads Barber Training Boot Camp with, from left to right: Mother Victory Swift, Wisdom Brown, Brother Jabari Natur, Kenneth Armstrong, Courtney Robinson, & Asian Robinson 

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