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EDUCATOR of the year award



The Victorious K. Swift Memorial Educator of the Year Award is an award given exclusively to Baltimore City Public/ Charter School Educators & (Victorious K. Swift Attended Schools) annually along with the Classroom Enrichment Award. Application deadline is March 1, 2019, at 11:59 pm. All applications must be mailed to 3607 Belair Road Baltimore, Maryland 21213 on or before the time & date stated.

  • The Victorious K. Swift Memorial Educator of the Year Award: $2,000.00 (personal).


  • Classroom Enrichment Award: $1,000.00 (classroom use only, must verify usage)


  • This Award is a self-nomination award and Educators do not have to be nominated to apply.


  • Educators of all grades from kindergarten to 12th grade qualify to apply for this award.


Note from the Founder:

Victorious spent his life giving to others. His work, dedication, and love for people inspired him at the age of fifteen the desire to someday create scholarships, programs, awards, and businesses as a means of empowering his people and all people to live greater lives that would benefit themselves and others. This award is not the product of Our Victorious City, Inc., we are simply the facilitators. It is the dream of a fifteen-year-old that has come to fruition. Victorious called school his second home. His love for school and its family of students and staff allowed him to expand his creative mind limitlessly. He used to say that Teachers should be paid as much as Doctors and when asked why he replied, “Doctors heal the body, but Teachers have the power to heal nations,” It is OVC's great honor to help facilitate the healers of nations!


Thank you for your support, your contributions, and for healing a Nation!

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