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 Our Victorious City Inc. (OVC) was created on April 7, 2017, to honor 19-year-old Victorious Swift who was brutally murdered on March 26, 2017, in Baltimore City. Victorious Swift was a youth advocate and math tutor with the Baltimore Algebra Project. He was Co-Founder, Youth Organizing Chairman, Intern-to-the-President with the Afrikan Heritage Walkathon Inc. Fifteen of his nineteen years of life was dedicated to community organizing and outreach. Our Victorious City Inc. is the legacy of Victorious’s life.


Our Victorious City is a Baltimore based non profit organization  working in conjunction with our communities, our city, state, and federal government, citywide organizations, neighborhood associations, businesses, clergy, and educational institutions to meet the social, economic, environmental, educational and safety needs  to ensure that (ALL) Americans benefit phenomenally in Our Victorious Cities. 


Our aim is to collectively eradicate the social systemic injustices surrounding the reoccurring epidemic of violence taking place in our city streets that disproportionally affects African-Americans and other people of color and is ravaging the safety of our communities and future of our youth. We are fighting to bridge the gap between what is needed to prevent street violence and proper reform for safe streets, stronger communities and a phenomenal future for all Americans. 



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Victorious K. Swift

February 17, 1998 – March 26, 2017


 Victorious Khan A.R.A.M. Swift (#74, 2017) An Architect Student at the Baltimore Design School (BDS), a member, math tutor and student advocate with the Baltimore Algebra Project (BAP). Victorious traveled the country with BAP advocating for equal and better education for all students nationally. He was Co-Founder, community advocate for families-in-need and at-risk-youth, Intern-to-the President, 2013-14 summer program co-coordinator, math instructor, American Sign Language instructor and Youth Organizing Chairman with the Afrikan Heritage Walkathon Inc. (AHWI). Victorious also worked with other organizations on various projects. He was a member of Handel Children Choir of Baltimore and 5th-grade class President at Barkley Elementary school.  He is the youngest of seven children and the youngest grandson. He is lovingly known by his nieces and nephews simply as “Uncle Vicky”. He was a boxer, a student of martial arts, an actor, and a singer/rapper/songwriter of conscious and cultural rap/songs, wise beyond his years, a smile that lit up a room, the unyielding capacity to love unconditionally, a magnanimous son & brother and a true friend whose word was truly his bond.


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